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NRI Centre

Welcome to NRI Centre, where we provide comprehensive information about LIC plans that cater to the specific needs of NRIs (Non-Resident Indians).

People of Indian origin are categorized into two categories

  • Non-Resident Indian wherein the person must be an Indian Citizen with a valid Indian passport. He/she may be currently residing in another country, but do not hold citizenship of the foreign country.
  • Foreign National of India Origin (FNIO) wherein the person resides in a foreign country and also holds the citizenship of that country.

Conditions applicable for NRIs/FNIOs/PIOs/OCI Holders are:

  • Policies are issued in Indian Rupees only
  • NRIs can apply for a LIC policy during their visit of stay in India.
  • NRIs may also take their LIC insurance cover during their stay abroad. All formalities are completed in their present country of residence through the Mail Order Business. Call us at +91-9230091000 to discuss your requirements.
  • Minimum Sum Assured is Rs. 10 lakhs and maximum subject to conditions of insurability.
  • Under the Mail Order Business, the maximum sum assured allowed is Rs. 3 crore.
  • Applicant must provide proof of income in the form of income tax returns, copy of employment contract along with salary slips, Certificate from Chartered Accountant.
  • Personal Financial Questionnaire must be filled in case the sum assured is high or policy is applied through Mail Order Business.
  • Benefits of Critical Illness are not granted.
  • Term Rider Benefit is restricted to a certain limit of Sum Assured.
  • Maximum Sum Assured is restricted in respect to term insurance plans.
  • NRI is eligible for insurance cover under Non-Medical (Special) scheme provided:
    • Insurance cover is applied for during NRI's visit to India or through Mail Order Business wherein LIC agent completed the formalities by visiting the applicant's country of residence.
    • Proposer is not more than 50 years old.
    • Proposer is a professional employed in a Government or reputed commercial company
    • Proposer resides in Group V countries only.
    • Proposer does not apply for high-risk cover with term rider benefits.
  • Medical Report is mandatory if the proposer is not applying under the Non-Medical Scheme.
  • The proposer must submit an attested copy of Passport, proof of age and income.
  • An extra premium may be charged for residents of countries categorized in group I to IV
  • FNIOs must hold OCI Card to apply through Mail Order Business
  • Children of NRIs born in foreign country are also eligible to take LIC policy through Mail Order Business

(Frequently Asked Question If NRIs can Buy LIC Plans)

Q. Can we take LIC policy as a NRI?

A. Yes, NRIs are allowed to buy LIC Policies. Even the FNIOs (Foreign Nationals of Indian Origin)/PIOs (People of Indian Origin)/OCIs/Green Card Holders can buy a LIC policy.

Q. What happens to LIC policy if I move abroad?

A.Absolutely no impact on the terms or benefits of the policy. You can continue to pay the remaining premiums and all the benefits eg. money back or maturity or claims are paid to you as per the policy terms. Though, you should inform your servicing branch about the change of residence status.

Q. Can US citizens buy LIC policy?

A.Yes, if you have obtained US citizenship and have OCI card holder, you can buy LIC policy. US citizens can buy LIC policy without visiting India through Mail Order Business.

Q. Can NRIs have LIC policy?

A.Yes, NRIs can buy a new LIC policy. They can also continue their existing LIC policy after moving abroad. Even NRIs children born in foreign country are also eligible to take LIC policies

Q. What happens to your life insurance policy if you move abroad?

A.Absolutely no impact whatsoever on the terms & conditions of the policy, benefits, maturity etc. The policy continues to work as it is and you get the same maturity or death benefits as per the policy terms. You don't need to stop the policy once you move abroad, keep paying the remaining premiums and enjoy the tax-free maturity. NRI can continue his/her LIC policy after moving abroad


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