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LIC Jeevan Umang Plan for NRIs

LIC Jeevan Umang Plan for NRIs

(Jeevan Umang Table No. 945)

In order to buy some certainty in this uncertain life, insurance is a subject matter of solicitation. Non-Resident Indians or NRIs who spend their lives abroad to ensure a bright future for their kids sometimes fail to realize what they had planned for because of the growing cost of living. Therefore, it is advisable to invest in the most suitable life insurance scheme and keep investing on the go so that their saving would also grow along with their age and gets matured when they really need it. LIC's Jeevan Umang Plan is an ideal investment plan for NRIs.

Jeevan Umang Insurance policy offers two-way advantages to its buyers. One is better to return on their investment and other is whole life protection. This endowment plan of LIC offers to ensure a regular income to the buyer till the age of 100 years. This payout starts immediately after completion of the premium payment term (PPT. It comes with four PPT options eg. 15, 20, 25 and 30 years. This inflow of payment would discontinue only in three conditions – once the policy buyer becomes 100 years old or in case of death of the buyer or the buyer decides to surrender value the policy and take the maturity amount. This policy is not linked with the market hence is free from any risk that the market might undergo ever.

Survival Benefits: Policy holder is eligible to avail of survival benefits up to the age of hundred years after completion of the premium payment period. The same will terminate on his death or his/her age of 100 years; whatever is earlier. The benefits include an annual return at the rate of 8% on the sum assured amount.

Maturity Benefits: The policy holder, on the maturity of the policy, is eligible to receive a lump-sum amount comprising of amount assured + Simple Reversionary Bonus + any other benefit.

Death Benefit: In case of death of policy holder before the maturity of the policy, his/her nominee is eligible to receive the value of the policy + Simple Reversionary Bonuses + any other benefit.

Income Tax Benefits: The policy holder can avail of deduction under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act 1961. Also, any benefit availed on the death of the policy holder is also exempted under Section 10(10D) of Income Tax. NRIs are also eligible to avail tax exemption under Section 10(10D).

Accidental Death: Death benefits are provided even in case of accidental death of the policy holder.

Premium Waiver: Another great advantage of LIC Jeevan Umang Plan for NRIs is a premium waiver in case of death of the proposer. This rider is available only to children. If Jeevan Umang is bought for a child, and father or mother is a proposer and during the term of policy if something happens to the proposer, all the future premiums are waived and child get the benefits as planned by his proposer.

Other Riders: Plan also offers accidental disability and the company even offers New Term Assurance Rider, Critical Illness Benefit Rider at an extra cost.

Surrender Value: LIC pays the surrender value of the policy if a minimum of 3 annual premiums has been paid by the holder.

Loan: Policy holder can avail of a loan on the policy if she/he has paid at least 3 annual premiums of the policy.

LIC Jeevan Umang Plan is one of the most suitable insurance plan for NRIs. It helps you save easily and access a handsome amount when you need it most. In case of any clarification or inquiry or maturity/premium calculator or if you want to know more about Jeevan Umang Plan, feel free to contact us. or call us at +91-9230091000

Jeevan Umang Premium Chart
Sum Assured – Rs. 1 Crore
PPT 15 Years 20 Years 25 Years 30 Years
Monthly 65,250 43,792 31,625 24,542
Quarterly 1,95,750 1,31,375 94,875 73,625
Half Yearly 3,87,485 2,60,023 1,87,753 1,45,678
Yearly 7,66,940 5,14,590 3,71,510 2,88,210

* This is just for illustration purpose. No riders are added in the above premium. GST is extra. 4.5% in the first year of the policy and thereafter 2.25% for remaining period.

As on 4th Nov., 2020

Jeevan Umang Benefit Illustration
Sum Assured – Rs. 1 Crore
PPT 15 Years 20 Years 25 Years 30 Years
Annual Return after PPT 8,00,000 8,00,000 8,00,000 8,00,000
Maturity at Age of 100 9,35,00,000 8,97,00,000 8,52,50,000 8,07,50,000
Surrender Value on completion of PPT 1,65,94,400 1,88,35,900 2,37,61,800 3,09,01,700
Surrender Value after 15 years of completion of PPT 3,78,56,000 5,11,16,000 6,40,57,000 6,39,58,000
Surrender Value after 25 years of completion of PPT 6,81,16,000 6,89,26,000 6,88,27,000 6,81,88,000

* This is just for illustration purpose. Benefits calculated as per the prevailing bonus rate as on 4th Nov., 2020. You may close this plan anytime and take the Surrender Value.

(Frequently Asked Question for Jeevan Umang Plan – Table No. 945)

Q. Can NRI invest in LIC Jeevan Umang Plan?

A. Yes, NRIs are allowed to buy LIC Umang plan. Even NRIs can buy this plan for their children.

Q. Is LIC Jeevan Umang a good policy?

A. Yes, indeed. There are certain reasons to buy this plan. First and foremost is the guaranteed 8% return on Sum Assured after completion of Premium Paying Term (PPT). This return can be enjoyed upto 100 years of age of the policy holder. Secondly, this plan comes with limited payment period option as well, for example, if you choose 15 years term and wanted to pay the whole premium in 5/10 years you can. Thirdly, you can close this plan anytime during the plan term and take the maturity. This maturity is in addition to the annualized returns you have already enjoyed. Bonus rates are the highest in Jeevan Umang as compared to other endowment plans of LIC. You can not find these huge benefits in any other investment option. You may contact us or call us at +91-9230091000 for a detailed illustration or presentation of Jeevan Umang.

Q. What is the minimum and maximum amount of investment in Jeevan Umang?

A. The minimum sum assured is Rs.2,00,000/- with no upper limit. The minimum annual premium is Rs.15739/- +GST for Rs 2 Lakh sum assured plan with 15 years premium term.

Q. Is 8% annual return and maturity amount I receive from LIC under Jeevan Umang plan is taxable?

A. No, All the money backs, returns or maturity received under LIC Jeevan Umang plan is 100% tax free.

Q. Which Plan Term should I choose while taking Jeevan Umang?

A. If you are above 15 years of age, you may choose any plan term eg 15, 20, 25 or 30 years. However, if the age is less than 15 years, in that case you have to choose the plan term in such a way that your age must complete 30 years at the time of completion of premium paying term. Children between age 0 to 4, has to take PPT of 30 years, 5-9 can take 25 years and 10-14 year can take 20 years term.

Q. How can I buy Jeevan Umang?

A. NRIs don't need to come to India to buy Jeevan Umang, simply contact us or call us at +91-9230091000 and will will complete all the formalities.

Q. Can I buy Jeevan Umang for my child?

A. Yes, an NRI can buy Jeevan Umang for his/her child. You can even assign yourself in the policy and receive the 8% annual returns till you alive and after that you child will start receiving the 8% annual returns for life + maturity.

Q. Is LIC a good investment for NRI?

A. Yes, LIC offers guaranteed and secured returns to NRIs which yield higher returns as compare to FDR, PPF and any other investment options. The best thing is the returns are 100% taxfree. Your money is also 100% secure as Government of India have a sovereign guarantee on all the LIC investments.

Q. What is the best investment for NRI in India?

A.LIC Jeevan Umang is one of the best investment option for NRIs as the plan gives 8% Guaranteed Returns of the SA for whole life. Also the Risk Cover continues for life. In addition to the 8% annual return, you also get Simple Reversionary Bonus every year into your policy account and Final Addition Bonus on completion of the plan..


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