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LIC Tech Term, Jeevan Amar Term Insurance Plan

LIC of India offers two term insurance plans Jeevan Amar which is an offline product and Tech Term which is an online term insurance plan.

Best Investment for NRI in India?

If you are looking to invest in high yield investment options, LIC's SIIP ULIP plan is the best among any other investment option. The higher returns can be generated only in the share market.

What happens to my LIC if I move abroad?

If an NRI has taken an LIC policy as a resident Indian while he was in India and later moved abroad, what will happen to his/her LIC policy when his residence status changes to NRI?

Did you have Backup Income Plan (BIP) in place?

Today, every company, be it a large or small, has a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) in place. Do you know why BCP is so important in today's world? No company can afford downtime under

Can LIC maturity amount be paid to NRE account?

As you know the NRO account is Rupee account and stands for Non Resident Ordinary account. This account is opened to maintain the income earned in India like rent, interest, dividends etc.

Best Child Plan for NRI Children

Every parent wish to secure the future of his/her child, and LIC Children plans are the best when it comes to take care of your child's education and future plans. LIC Children plans come with host

Mail Order Business is open for FNIOs now

Mail Order Business is a process of applying and obtaining an LIC policy without visiting India where an NRI has to complete all the formalities in his country of residence and send all the

GST Exemption for NRIs

Giving a big relief to the NRIs, LIC of India has announced GST exemption to the NRIs if they pay the premiums from their NRE account or in foreign currency. The GST is 4.5% in the first

Have you secured your child's future?

Rearing children is no longer as simple as it used to be. The most challenging part of the task is not only to help them grow healthy but also enable them become successful in their career

Can NRIs Get Section 80C Tax Benefit On Premium Paid For A LIC Policy

Many NRIs often ask us whether they can avail tax rebate u/s 80C for their investment in LIC, the answer is 'YES', an NRI can avail tax rebate u/s 80c upto an extent of Rs.1,50,000/-,

Guaranteed Return Plan In LIC - Jeevan Umang Guarantees 8% Fixed Return....

Interest rate on fixed deposits in banks is reducing every day and people are wondering where to invest money for an optimum regular income. LIC's Jeevan Umang plan guarantees an attractive 8% p.a. return

LIC Single Premium Pension Plan

LIC one time investment pension plan - two plans Jeevan Akshay and Jeevan Shanti both are single premium plans. We don't know what is in store for us in future. Of course we don't, and

Can NRI buy LIC policy

If you are an Non-Resident of India i.e. NRI or a person of Indian origin (PIO) born in Foreign Country or Foreigh National of Indian Origin (FNIO) and wondering if you can buy

Can NRI buy life insurance in India?

Can NRI buy life insurance in India? In the highly competitive insurance market, LIC is still leading the packs by a fair margin. Its past record, reliability, highest claim ratio

Is LIC maturity taxable for NRIs?

Is LIC maturity taxable for NRIs? In these days of uncertainty, it is wise to invest in the saving plans of the Life Insurance Corporation of India. Though the last few years saw

LIC Jeevan Shanti Policy – A Unique Plan for NRIs that Allows You to Live Your Responsibility as you Nurture Your Dreams

You are an NRI. You owe all your success and recognition to your parents and family. The status that you enjoy today would not have been possible if your loved ones did not contribute

Which LIC Plan gives highest return?

The only purpose why one decides to invest is the "return" which s/he can get on the investment. However, why one decides to invest in LIC includes security about the future too. If you are willing to invest in LIC but do not know which one is the most rewarding plan LIC has got, we can help you decide.

Why an NRI should choose LIC

Before we move on to differentiate between LIC and other private insurance players, let us inform you that all insurance companies in India are regulated by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA)

List of Group V Countries

LIC of India has categorized the countries into 5 groups based on various factor including political stability, standard of living, per capita income etc. Residents from group 1 to 4 may face rejection or extra premium where as group V residents are treated at par with Indian citizens and no extra premium is charged.

How NRIs can buy LIC policy without Visiting India

Mail Order Business is a process to complete the insurance formalities of LIC while staying abroad. Mail Order Business is available only to NRIs (who still hold Indian Citizenship) living in Group V Countries.

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